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Visits to and traffic sources for all participating websites

Description Download Update frequency
Visits today CSV JSON Every 3 Minutes
Visits to all domains over 48 hours CSV JSON Daily
Visits to all domains over 90 days CSV JSON Daily
Top exit pages (30 days) CSV JSON Daily
Top pages people are visiting CSV JSON Every 3 minutes
Total people online CSV JSON Every 3 minutes

Visitor demographics for all participating agencies

Description Download Update frequency
Language CSV JSON Daily
Desktop/mobile/tablet CSV JSON Daily
Web browsers CSV JSON Daily
Versions of Internet Explorer CSV JSON Daily
Operating systems CSV JSON Daily
Versions of Windows CSV JSON Daily
OS & browser (combined) CSV JSON Daily
Windows & browser (combined) CSV JSON Daily
Windows & IE (combined) CSV JSON Daily
Screen sizes CSV JSON Daily
Device model CSV JSON Daily

About this Site

This data provides a window into how people are interacting with the States of Jersey online. The data comes from a unified Google Analytics account for States of Jersey. This program helps departments understand how people find, access, and use States of Jersey services online.

This open source project is in the public domain, which means that this website and its data are free for you to use without restriction. You can find the code for this website. This project is a fork of Analytics.usa.gov by 18F and their code behind the data collection, both of which are on GitHub.

This project was a collaborative effort between Marcus Ferbrache (States of Jersey Web Team) and Robbie Andrews (Bearpig) on behalf of TechTribes.

We plan to expand the data made available here. If you have any suggestions, or spot any issues or bugs, please open an issue on GitHub or email the States of Jersey Web Team.

Download the data

You can download the data here. Available in JSON and CSV format.